Welcome to Dice Saloon Singles!

We are responsible for all the TCG’s at the amazing gaming venue Dice Saloon in Brighton.

Dice Saloon Singles originally started when one of the owners took a gamble, using their redundancy money to buy a friend’s Magic collection. After a few years of ‘backpack’ trading and Facebook selling we were approached by Dice Saloon to run their Magic events.

As Dice Saloon grew and grew; so did Dice Saloon Singles. As such we now sell products and organise tournaments for all the major TCG’s. And with this new website we look to expand further by being able to offer single cards for all these games!

With the business growing, so too did our marvellous community. Which really is the best part of being in this industry. With a dedicated TCG play space for 64 players and multiple events on most days it’s easy to find a game and make some new friends.

We hope you can come visit us soon,

the Dice Saloon Singles Team.